2021 Year In Review

This past year has been an educational one to say the least. I believe that the pandemic is here to stay and while it may be diluted in the future, the influence of the pandemic will be cemented in my mind and influence my life forever as I am sure many of you. We can... Continue Reading →


Culpability is a great word. Taking responsibility for wrongdoing or failure is growth. To me it means that you are human. "I take full responsibility, it's not my fault" It's challenging to have relationships with an absence of culpability. I struggle with it in my relationships. I think it is because I strive to be... Continue Reading →

Coming To Terms With Growing Old

Growing older is inevitable. Physically we cannot avoid it and eventually our mental will catch up too. For the most part, growing older is awesome! When I think about it, it is quite the accomplishment. I have escaped all of the threats that have taken so many lives before me and I am ramping up... Continue Reading →

2020 Year In Review

"What a year to be alive," said no one who died from COVID, lost their job or suffered from the numerous setbacks that 2020 brought us. Losing Kobe, COVID, Murder Hornets, Donald Trump administration, riots, etc. I imagine that many movies will spawn from our year on a variety of topics, and I can't wait... Continue Reading →

Trump Twitter Ban Is Not ‘Problematic’

Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel called the Trump Twitter ban "Problematic." I vehemently disagree with Mrs. Merkel, and anyone else claiming that Trumps ban from Twitter is problematic/violation of the First Amendment, blah, blah, blah. Listen up people, if I walked into Denny's and started ranting aloud about how liberals were ruining our country, or how... Continue Reading →

Getting Older is AWESOME!

Don't believe all of the curmudgeons out there that constantly complain about getting older. Sure the body does not work as it used to but you know what, neither does your brain, and I mean that in a positive way. You can see an example of this when looking at older athletes. They no longer... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take Things So Personally

Easier said than done right? If someone says something hurtful to you, a "normal" reaction would be to lash out defending yourself. It is something that I struggle with every day in one form or another. However, when you do respond back in kind, you are basically taking on that persons feelings into your own... Continue Reading →

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