Culpability is a great word. Taking responsibility for wrongdoing or failure is growth. To me it means that you are human.
“I take full responsibility, it’s not my fault”

It’s challenging to have relationships with an absence of culpability. I struggle with it in my relationships. I think it is because I strive to be culpable. I actually look forward to taking responsibility for wrongdoing because to me it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. I have exposed something that either I was not aware of or that I may have been aware of but made a mistake. I apologize, I move on.

To consistently deny culpability is unbecoming and if it continues in a relationship, the relationship will become toxic. Toxic relationships do not last (For the record, they last longer with empaths, I have several case studies).

Denying culpability is a lost opportunity. You miss out on the opportunity to learn from your mistake, and you also miss out on the opportunity to become closer to the person(s) who are affected by this misguided energy. But do not fear, it is not too late to change! One of my favorite quotes is, “You are not obligated to be the same person you were 9 minutes ago.” –Unknown

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