2020 Year In Review

“What a year to be alive,” said no one who died from COVID, lost their job or suffered from the numerous setbacks that 2020 brought us. Losing Kobe, COVID, Murder Hornets, Donald Trump administration, riots, etc. I imagine that many movies will spawn from our year on a variety of topics, and I can’t wait to see them all! While this year has been one of the most challenging for humanity, there are still positives to take away. For myself, it has been a year of focusing on what I have, vs what I don’t have. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know this an ongoing theme for me, which really helped me navigate the challenges of 2020.

January was focused on finding a job! I had several interviews with various tech companies here in Seattle. I also spent some time reacting to numerous household projects that needed immediate attention. In February I found a startup that is doing some interesting work in the development and UX/UI space and accepted an offer to help them scale. I have had a surface level of experience with devs and UX/UI, but this opportunity is a deeper dive into all things development and UX/UI, which is a great learning opportunity for me. As February got underway, the talks of the pandemic started gathering steam. I used that as an opportunity to learn as much as I could from past pandemics so I could prepare myself for what we were about to experience. I am so grateful to have the wherewithal to procure relevant content so easily and also the smarts to digest it. This was one of my biggest victories of 2020 by far. I was prepared and always one step ahead of what we were to experience. We also were able to visit a few of our favorite restaurants with our good friends before the lockdown went into effect.

March and April were dedicated to navigating the new norm with the pandemic and also new boundaries with the pandemic. At times I felt like I was a conspiracy theorist, but I trusted the research I had done and shared with anyone who would listen.

In May I took my Camper Van and headed to Cape Kiwanda to surf and work remotely. It was a much needed break from the normal and helped me recharge my grateful battery so I could push through the next few months.

In July, we were fortunate to be invited to join our friends on their boat in the San Juan Islands. This was an amazing trip to take! We were also invited by the same friends, on the same boat, for another trip to the San Juan Islands a few weeks later. We were able to witness our friends renewing their vows, and also were able to hang out on a private island for the most wonderful dinner/evening.

“John” Island in the San Juan’s.

In August I went on my annual man trip to Alpine Lakes Wilderness with the same group of friends that I have been doing this with for many years. It was stunning and a great get away that was safe. We all had taken COVID tests and quarantined before our trip. We did not catch as many fish as we did the previous year but that did not matter. The views were like none other. Such a beautiful hike and trek.

In September we got invited one more time to boat in the San Juans with our lovely friends. It was just perfect and a great way to end the summer. I should also mention that our mentality on each of these trips was always gratefulness that we were able to do these things, especially during a worldwide pandemic, when so many others were not as fortunate.

San Juan’s on a perfect day!

September and November were mostly filled with anxiety from the upcoming election and the disbelief that anyone can vote for Donald Trump. I blocked friends on social media and in real life. Anyone who believes and supports what Donald Trump has done is not someone that I want to associate with. This has nothing to do with political parties. I lean both Democratic and also Republican, and like attributes of both parties. Donald Trump is a horrible person and a horrible leader. He has been detrimental to the US and his damage will be felt for many years to come. That is the only legacy he will leave. The fact that even after losing he continues to divide our country just solidifies what a broken person he is.

December brought hope that the vaccine is close and that there is an end in sight. It also brought hope that our new administration can start to heal our country on January 20th, 2021. It also brings more fear for what Trump will attempt to do to hold onto power.

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