2021 Year In Review

This past year has been an educational one to say the least. I believe that the pandemic is here to stay and while it may be diluted in the future, the influence of the pandemic will be cemented in my mind and influence my life forever as I am sure many of you. We can... Continue Reading →

2020 Year In Review

"What a year to be alive," said no one who died from COVID, lost their job or suffered from the numerous setbacks that 2020 brought us. Losing Kobe, COVID, Murder Hornets, Donald Trump administration, riots, etc. I imagine that many movies will spawn from our year on a variety of topics, and I can't wait... Continue Reading →

I’m A Walking Contradiction

I just contradicted myself and I am annoyed that I have broken my "I am perfect" streak! All kidding aside, I was curious as to why and determined to unwrap this. This happened when I noticed people taking advantage of others during the Coronavirus Pandemic. There was a person who stock piled Purell and other... Continue Reading →

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