I’m A Walking Contradiction

I just contradicted myself and I am annoyed that I have broken my “I am perfect” streak! All kidding aside, I was curious as to why and determined to unwrap this.

This happened when I noticed people taking advantage of others during the Coronavirus Pandemic. There was a person who stock piled Purell and other goodies with hopes to resell at a profit. The media picked it up and drilled the guy, to the point where he ended up donating all of the items (smart move).

My initial reaction was “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” This was no doubt the entrepreneur in me speaking up for the guy who was just tryin’ to make some money to feed my daughter (credit: Christopher Wallace). It was clearly a wrong thing to do but for some reason I justified it because he was hustling.

The following week, I get my Craigslist alerts for gym equipment and see several regular posters who have hiked up their prices (in some cases 100+%) for exercise equipment. I was enraged.

Why did I react so differently for basically the same offense? I have spent a few thought cycles on this one and I believe it is because gym equipment is much more relevant in my life than Purell. With gym equipment, people are trying to improve themselves, be the best version of themselves. It takes quite a bit of courage for some to get to that point. For an opportunist to come by and take advantage of that specific situation, it made me sad for humans. On the flip side, the Purell thing just played into people’s fear. Also cruel, but I did not have the same reaction.

Contradicting yourself is an opportunity to take a deep look at why and to adjust your thinking so you can be consistent, or at the very least be aware of why. It also helps you view future situations with less judgment.

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