2019 Year In Review

As I write this post, my Fantasy Football team has chosen to tank, HARD, in the first round of the playoffs. My team was heavily favored in the playoffs and my matchups were against teams that hemorrhage yards and TD’s against opponents but for some reason all of my players decided to chillax today. Oh wells, such is life. It is just a game right? NO IT IS NOT, FANTASY FOOTBALL IS LIFE!

OK, thank you for listening, I feel much better. This year has been filled with many changes, lots of travel, and tons of opportunities.

First day in Tahiti was cloudy but it was sunny for the rest of the trip.

In February I took a dream trip to Tahiti and stayed on a 26 acre private island (Motu Moie) for 10 days! It was as you would expect it, ridiculously awesome. We toured the entire island of Tahiti and several other islands as well. I learned how to spear fish, saw a big ass shark while snorkeling, and had an amazing time filled with many first time experiences. Tahiti is an amazing place and the pictures do do it justice as any picture I have ever seen is beautiful. If you get a chance to go, go.

Beautiful cove we discovered on our trip through the Gulf Islands

In July I got to take another dream trip to the Gulf Islands in Canada (Canada’s version of the San Juan Islands), on a yacht, for nearly two weeks with some great company. The entire trip flowed smoothly and the unique spots we had access to were special.

The Point at San Onofre

In August I took off for a solo two week surf trip from Washington down to San Clemente, stopping at every surf spot I could along the way. This was my dream trip and I realized it in my lifetime, I rule.

We also got to hang out in Winthrop again this year at an amazing cabin, took a trip to Los Angeles, twice and several other weekend jaunts.

Trapper Lake, Washington (Voted sketchiest hike in Washington by me)

In September, I topped off my year of amazing travels by taking a 5 day hike to Trapper Lake with 3 of my good friends. It was the hardest hike any of us had ever had. Too many times during the hike there was a good possibility that one of us would either die or get seriously hurt, but we made it out alive, barely. I would not wish that hike on anyone but there is part of me, along with my friends, who wouldn’t mind giving it another go. The fishing was unreal!

Approximately two hours before I found out that I fried my engine

Despite my unrealistic travel log above, there were many challenging situations that I had to deal with this year. I will spare you the details, but I think it is safe to say that all of the trips I got to take this year do not balance out all of the failures and challenges I had to face in 2019.

Hang in there, failure builds character!

Yes, 2019 has been a challenging year for me but that is OK. Challenges and failures have made me who I am today. During times of challenge, I have learned that it is imperative that I stay focused on who I am. My best is yet to come. Watch out 2020, I am coming for you!

Happiest of holidays to you and yours and may you have a wonderful and safe start to 2020!

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