Surviving Road Rage

The next time you feel yourself  succumbing to road rage, try this.  Imagine the top three reasons why this person would be driving the way they are and then pick one and wish them luck!

Case in point, I am driving to work, stuck in traffic and this young guy is weaving in and out of traffic making little gains and making many people nervous.  It ticked me off but I kept my composure.  To top it off, this person started using the shoulder to get around traffic.  He just officially made it into my daily log of nut-jobs!  At that time I wanted to use my futuristic laser weapon (on loan from the Navy) to slow him down but I already promised Rear Adm. Nevin Carr that I would only use it on aliens and sleestaks.

Available as an option on all 2012 Hummers

When I realized that my laser was going to be kept in the glove compartment, I then tapped into my imagination as to why this person was driving so erratically.  The conclusion?  I am sure that he was late for work and if he did not make it to work he was going to lose his job.  If he lost his job he would not be able to pay child support.  If he could not pay child support then he would lose visitation rights with his beloved children and go to jail.  So he was doing it for his kids sake.  I know that if I was in a similar situation, I would do the same for sure as would most of you.

The next time you are faced with a road rage situation, tap into your imagination and come up with reasonable (or not so reasonable) scenarios that would explain such erratic behavior.  It helps you take an imaginary walk in the other persons shoes and exercise compassion for the situation.  I am still working on a scenario for the newly licensed teenager that is racing up and down my street!

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