Getting Older is AWESOME!

Don’t believe all of the curmudgeons out there that constantly complain about getting older. Sure the body does not work as it used to but you know what, neither does your brain, and I mean that in a positive way.

You can see an example of this when looking at older athletes. They no longer have to move as quickly as younger teammates. They move a bit slower but you know why? Because they are smarter by way of experience. They no longer have to compensate their lack of knowledge with athleticism. They can use their knowledge and experience to have the same impact as a younger athlete. They may not be as explosive, or entertaining, but they get the job done.

Being young is great, but being older is better. I am way smarter than I used to be and the best is that I stopped living my life to please others. I stopped being as concerned about the impact of my choices on others. I am much more honest with myself. I know who I am.

Life is about perspective. Getting older is fantastic. Embrace what you cannot change and focus on the gifts that come with age.

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