Digging Deep To Find A Positive In The Donald Trump Administration

Anytime we are faced with a horrible situation in life, we have to challenge ourselves to find the good in it. You have to find the positive and focus on that nugget, otherwise you will get drug down into the basement of negativity.

So why has Donald Trump been good for the USA and the World? My take is that if he had not been elected president, we may have never gotten to the point we are at now with respect to police brutality and racism in our country and the world. The ignorance of his administration has surfaced the true face of racism and police brutality in our world. Additionally, we have also surfaced all of the other people we hold in high regard as having similar ignorance. Would we have the same situation today if Hillary Clinton were elected? Probably not. If Hillary or another candidate were elected, we would have likely had the same reactions as we have for the past 50 years.

Be thankful for the gift of Donald Trump. He will go down in history as the President that helped bring awareness of racism to every home in the world. Donald Trump’s ignorance has fueled a movement in the US and in the world that has momentum, and will not be stopped. Thank you, Donald Trump, now you can leave the office!

By focusing on the positive of this situation, we can direct our energy towards proactive measures that will help the situation versus focusing on the negative which negatively affects our mental state, and once we are done stressing out, we are still at square one.

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