Momentum Generation Review

Time is our most valuable asset in life. We are not promised tomorrow and the only time we have is right now. So it goes without saying that if I am taking my precious and valuable time to write a review for the new Momentum Generation documentary, with this type of outlook, the you have to know that this documentary is worth your time.

I first learned of the documentary from @kellyslater ‘s instagram account. I had read his book, Pipe Dreams and enjoyed his honesty and his story so I figured that this documentary should be good if he was endorsing it. He also happens to be the best surfer in the history of surfing and the most dominating athlete in any sport, so there’s that.

I grew up surfing in this generation and being able to get so close to a pack of surfers I idolized, was so great. During this era, I subscribed to both Surfing & Surfer Magazine, I was on top of the scene and thought I knew everything about the Momentum Generation. I suppose on a surface level I did, but not at the level that the documentary delivered.

This documentary is a back stage pass to the Momentum Generation. It shows a human side of each of them that is normally only seen by the closest friends or family. I teared up few times as my idols suffered through personal tragedies, just like all humans do. Todd Chesser, wow, what a legend. Benji Weatherly, you’re awesome and I wish I could have hung out at your Pipeline crib with the crew. Kelly Slater, please read this and invite me to your wave ranch but please turn the engines down a bit, it looks HUGE to me!

The Momentum Generation documentary covers the top surfers during a period when surfing started to scale and become more mainstream and marketable. The Momentum Generation documentary takes you behind the scenes to see the human side of professional surfing and viral growth. The surfing industry as a whole would never be where it is today without the Momentum Generation.

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