Why Does Watermelon Always Taste Better at Work?

Anytime I bring a watermelon to work for lunch, my quality control diminishes. I can’t quite get a beat on why.

At home, I savor the best pieces of watermelon and then leave the remaining edges of the melon in the fridge, where I hope they will be eaten by others. Sometimes, while I am throwing together a quick Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.52.27 PMlunch, I humor myself by packing a baggie of the factory seconds that I abandoned earlier.

As hunger ensues, I head to the office fridge, grab the baggie, proudly walk with it in plain view back to my desk. Then it happens, the party starts. The watermelon pieces that I discarded as not being good enough are now prime pieces of fruit and I am enjoying them possibly more than the gluttonous party the night before.

If you can help explain this anomaly please do tell!

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