2017 Solar Eclipse Seattle

I just returned from viewing the Solar Eclipse and I wanted to quickly jot down some thoughts. First of all, David Baron’s Ted Talk on the Solar Eclipse is spot on (thank you SJV). It is something that everyone has to witness. If I could summarize the experience, I would say that such an event will remind you that you are very insignificant in the scope of things.

I made Solar Eclipse boxes last night in anticipation of the event. It took all of 5 minutes to make them and they worked like a charm. I was fortunate enough to have access to Solar Eclipse glasses (Thank you, Jesse, Grace, Amy, and Matthew) and let me tell you, totally worth whatever they cost. I would highly recommend them for future viewings as they allow you the ability to stare straight into the eclipse in crisp detail.  I used our homemade boxes, the glasses, and my iPhone 7S (in selfie mode) to record the event.

Our office is a stone throw away from the Olympic Sculpture Park so that was the venue of choice. It was packed which was super for people watching.

What I will remember most about the eclipse was the significant temperature change (it was about 10 degrees but such a drop in a short period of time is kinda eerie which is why it qualifies as significant in my book). Additionally, the lighting was dim and a bit apocalyptic feeling. I wished I would have made plans to see the total eclipse in Oregon but Seattle did get about 92% of the eclipse so it was still special. The next total eclipse in the US will be in 7 years on April 8, 2024, through Texas and the Northeast (Map on the linked page) and I will make sure that I will be there if I am fortunate to still be roaming this earth!

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