Michael Phelps is not the World’s Best Swimmer

Usain Bolt is not the world’s best sprinter either so wipe that smile off of your face home fry. 589521390-usain-bolt-of-jamaica-competes-in-the-mens-100-meter.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2

We will never know who the world’s best sprinter or world’s best swimmer is because the majority of the world’s population does not have the means to compete in the Olympics.


Don’t be all mad Michael Phelps, you are still a freak but the best ever? Absolutely not. Best “Olympic” athlete? Totes!

You know what is SoCray? Walking around Rio during the Olympics! The opportunists of Rio are having a field day! This cracks me up!

BREAKING NEWS! The cause of the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre pool turning green has been found! The green water was a result of the US Women’s Soccer team peeing in the pool after they lost to Sweeden. Sore losers!


All is not lost. We still have Women’s Beach Volleyball and you can program your Tivo so you don’t miss any action!


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