Trump Twitter Ban Is Not ‘Problematic’

Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel called the Trump Twitter ban “Problematic.” I vehemently disagree with Mrs. Merkel, and anyone else claiming that Trumps ban from Twitter is problematic/violation of the First Amendment, blah, blah, blah.

Listen up people, if I walked into Denny’s and started ranting aloud about how liberals were ruining our country, or how their hash brown’s made my stomach hurt, they would likely kick me out. If I did it every day, they would likely ban me.

Twitter is not a government agency, and it is not the authority. It is a social media site, that delivers news and other banter. Yes, its scale and reach are huge and it certainly can influence masses of people, but it is just a business. Like any business owner, they can set the rules and ban whomever they want, at any time.

If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Find another site to use. Start your own site. Maybe don’t rely on a social media site for your news if it bothers you. Twitter was incredibly patient with Donald Trump and after the series of events that took place at the State Capitol, they decided that enough was enough. In my opinion, they should have removed him 4 years ago when he started spewing his vomit on us.

Internet trolls get banned on various sites every day. The only difference between an Internet troll and Donald Trump, is that his profile was public and an Internet troll is anonymous.

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  1. I ask these lost sheep, if some guy you know meets you for coffee every day and constantly tells you what you know to be lies, woul you still have coffee with him, much less give him the time of day? Incredulous…!


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