Why We Need to Abolish Abortion Laws

It is crazy to me, in this day and age that we have laws in place that tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. No one should be able to tell anyone else what decisions they have to make with respect to their bodies.

I am willing to bet that the majority of citizens feel the same way but the big question is why are we allowing this to happen? If you put a group of people together, present the facts, etc. they will come to a conclusion that this is nuts and should not be happening. So why are we tolerating it? So long as it does not affect our immediate lives then we don’t care as much? Is that why?

Another scary thought is that these same people, that are in a place to make such laws and decisions are also making decisions about other things that we are not hearing about, that is VERY SCARY! Would love it if someone were able to post a history of decisions made by those nutballs who think it is OK to dictate what a person does with their body. I would guess that there is some consistency with respect to judgment.

Harvey Milk, where are you? We need you right now!

We must stand and take action against movements like this! We have already allowed a President who is an embarrassment to the entire country who routinely shows zero respect for women and humankind and is ignorant beyond belief. We cannot allow his negative attributes to trickle down into society and tear apart the foundation of the United States.

The only abortion laws we should have are laws that guarantee that a woman will have a choice to do with her body as she damn well pleases.


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