New Years Resolutions 2105


I cannot believe 2014 is coming to a close. Setting resolutions for myself have proven quite productive. While not all goals were met, a few key ones were and I am a better person because of it. Here is my 2014 list, let’s see how I did:

  • Visit the dentist for normal maintenance–Easy goal to get the ball rolling. Done!
  • Visit the doctor for annual physical–I am in such good health that Dr. Oz is asking me for tips.
  • Refinish hardwoods–Yeah right. I was proud of myself for sweeping.  This did not happen.
  • Either fix or remove back deck–Did not complete and no timeline for doing so.
  • Commit to lap swim at GSSC 3x a week–I did swim more but definitely did not get to the pool 3x a week.
  • Find tennis partner (preferably Anna Kournikova) to play 1x a week at GSSC–Great news! I found a tennis partner that is way hotter than Anna Kournikova. Her ping pong game confirms that she will be wild with a racket, but she is super fun! She also happens to be the love of my life and is the sole reason why 2014 is the best year I can remember and also why 2015 and beyond will be even better.
  • Refinish front deck/stairs–I decided to skip this project in 2014 and go for a shabby chic look.
  • Landscape front yard–Funny story about landscaping and Tinder. Did not complete this, front still looks like desert inspired.
  • Remove play structure and plant garden –Stoked that I did this. Garden was crapola but that was due to the soil. 2015 will be much better.
  • Union Gospel Mission Cap Hill at least 6X–Killed it. Went at least 10 months out of 12. This is one of the best investments of my time. Recharges my grateful battery.
  • Fence in backyard–Nope. But I know this will happen in 2015 for sure because we will have doggie house guests that need to stretch their legs.
  • Fence in side yard–Nope. But I got a feeling this will happen in 2015 for shizzle.
  • Find a solution for front fence–Nope. Will probably do something in 2015.
  • Finish storage area–Did not finish this either.  Just zero time.
  • Get barreled at Pipeline–Did not make the trip to Oahu but I did log in a record amount of surf this year.
  • Get excellent surfing footage with Go Pro–I got the best pictures and videos this year.
  • More surfing, more camping–Hell yeah. Surfed and camped a ton.
  • Do at least 3 rounds of P90X3–Worked out the entire year. In great shape.
  • Write a business plan for–No time. Bonanza is my main focus.
  • Audition for Jet City or Theatresports–I did audition several times. Landed my first show and got to perform at the Gum Wall Theater which was a huge goal of mine.

After reviewing that list, I can see that I did a lot of things for myself (hence, why I am so damn happy) but I was not the best homeowner which means I have a bunch of projects piling up, that need my love. I like my choices for 2014 and would not change a thing.  Now, on to 2015.

  • Take my family vacation to Lake Chelan.
  • Build backyard fence so I can keep dogs secure.
  • Build side yard fence so I can let dogs out through the side door and make BBQ area nicer.
  • Do at least 3 rounds of P90X.
  • Continue to live a Paleo lifestyle.
  • More surfing and more camping along with great Go Pro shots.
  • Import quality soil for garden and have the best vegetable garden ever!
  • Create.
  • Get some new bedsheets.
  • Teach Noah how to drive.
  • Add roof vent for stove vent.
  • Get Amazon11 on a surfboard.
  • Get Amazon11 to do flip turns.
  • Many BBQs and lazy days at the pool.
  • Take more walks with the family.
  • Feed my family healthier meals and give them healthier choices for snacks.
  •  Investigate and solve the mystery leak around the chimney.
  • Seal ceiling by mystery fireplace leak and repaint the front room.
  • Continue to serve in Cap Hill and maybe bring Amazon11, Amazon12 to help.
  • Family camping.
  • Quartermaster harbor fireworks show. Need to get hotel/room.
  • Do a minimum of 3 stand-up comedy routines at Comedy Underground.
  • Shop more farmers markets and become familiar with my food sources.

There you have it. Lofty goals indeed and I am excited to get started on them.  Happy New Year!